£500 Sleeping Beauty & Prince Philip Doll Set!

Ok, so ShopDisney’s pricing confuses the hell out of me at the best of times. For example, the recent Toy Story and Dumbo releases. Toy Story Al’s Toy Barn bag was £17, the Dumbo equivalent was £23. The Toy Story Pizza Planet hoodie was £25, the Dumbo equivalent was £50 (although to be fair, technically the Dumbo one is “Never Say Never” brand).

Basically what I’m saying is that some of their items seem really cheap, some are priced about what you would expect, while other’s just seem completely ridiculous – like £89.99 for the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs pin below! That’s right – nearly £100 for a pin that measures 5.5cm x 13.5cm.

Anyway, they have today just added a pair of dolls for £500! As many of you will know it is the 60th anniversary of Sleeping Beauty this year, so Disney have released Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip dolls. The pair are limited edition with just 650 units worldwide. Each doll measures 43cm (17″) tall and includes a display stand. The detailing on them both is absolutely incredible as you can see below, but at £250 a doll, I don’t think anyone other than the most hard core collectors will be looking to add these to their collections.

For those who are interested, you can buy the Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip classic dolls (see below) as a pair for just £20 at the minute instead of the usual £26. While they may not look quite as stunning as the limited edition ones above, they are only 4% of the price and a perfect alternative for any younger Sleeping Beauty fan.

Click here to check it out the limited edition £500 Sleeping Beauty dolls set at ShopDisney.

And for those curious, it’s not the most expensive item we found on ShopDisney, that goes to the limited edition Star Wars dioramas shown below at a whopping £699 and £999!! Still, at least you get free delivery!

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