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Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game

Hop aboard, Skipper!

Welcome to the world-famous Jungle Cruise! YouÆve been hired to transport a boatload of cargo and passengers down the river to Jungle Navigation Company Headquarters. There, company president Alberta Falls will appoint one family of passengers as temporary caretakersùand your new bossesùwhile she goes on a much-needed sabbatical.

Be prepared to lose passengers and cargo to dangers hidden in the jungle, but donÆt worryùyouÆll find more along the way! Find clues along the river to see which family Alberta has chosen. Transport the most valuable boatload of cargo and passengers to Headquarters to win!

  • Includes four Jungle Cruise boat game pieces
  • Classic gameplay with based on the beloved Disney Parks attraction
  • True to theme, every card has a Jungle Cruise joke for Skippers to tell as they play!
Ages 8+
2-4 players