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This listing is for 5 bags of Mr Potato Head Chips, one of each flavour below. These are a rare collectors item.
Flavours Included:
  • Barb A. Cue
  • Saul T. Chips
  • Original
  • Cheesie Onionton
  • Ranch Blanche
  • STACK AND PLAY: This Mr. Potato Head toy features a different and exciting play pattern. Stack the plastic chip pieces then insert the accessories into the slots to create a Mr. Potato Head character
  • BAG OF FUN: This bag of chips is filled with fun! Instead of starting with a solid potato body, kids build a Mr. Potato Head character by first stacking the chips and clicking them into place
  • FUN MR. POTATO HEAD CHARACTERS: This Mr. Potato Head assortment features wacky characters based on potato chip flavors.
  • ACCESSORIES INSIDE: Each Mr. Potato Head Chips toy includes 10 pieces in a resealable bag; great for storing the parts and for easy on-the-go fun
  • MIX AND MASH: Most parts are compatible with other Mr. Potato Head Chips figures. Collect them all.