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Brand new and boxed, Disney Princess edition of UNO.
  • Beautiful images of Disney Princesses adorn each card of this special edition of the classic UNO matching card game everyone loves.
  • This edition will delight kids and collectors; look for favourites like Snow White, Moana, Ariel and Pocahontas.
  • Just like in classic UNO, players match cards by colour or number in a race to empty their hand. When they’re down to one card, they must yell, “UNO!”
  • Play the special “Power of Friendship” wild card and 1 secret card, face down. The other players put 1 card down, trying to match the colour of the secret card.
  • UNO Disney Princesses makes a great gift for collectors and Disney fans, ages 7 years and older.
Contains 112 cards plus (English & Spanish) instructions.
Age 7+
Players: 2-10